Iron & Steel Heritage Sites

No region in the nation can boast a longer history with, and connection to, the iron and steel industry. This part of America literally forged the nation.

Starting in the early 1700's, colonists came seeking to use the area's natural resources to create a better life for themselves and stayed to build a nation during the American Revolution. Joined by immigrants from around the world, their spiritual descendants fought to save the country during the Civil War, led it through industrialization, and on to be a world power. The region saw the struggle to end slavery and welcomed the nation's first female industrialist. 

From National Parks to vineyards, 18th and 19th century hamlets and ironmaster plantations, to urban night life...we have it all!  

Upcoming Events
44th Annual Yellow Springs Art Show
Chester Springs, PA

The Origins of American Liberty - Part 2
Pine Forge

Pine Forge History Day
Pine Forge

Eleventh Annual Rebecca Lukens Award Presentation
Coatesville, PA

20th Annual Jazz at the Springs
Chester Springs, PA

Town Tours and Village Walks At Yellow Sprinngs
Chester Springs

Iron and Steel Heritage Tours

Explore the Iron & Steel Heritage and Recreation region located in and around the Hopewell Big Woods, one of America's finest natural preserves. Etched into the natural landscape of portions of Chester, Berks, Montgomery and Lancaster Counties in Pennsylvania are the remains of the iron industry that literally forged our nation.