Kimberton Village Historic District
A full service 18th century village located off Route 113, Kimberton Village is home to the illustrious and historic Kimberton Waldorf School. The Kimberton Historic District includes sixty-two buildings and two structures along three eighteenth and nineteenth century roadways that helped to make the village a local education, market, and transportation center.

The village is also locally significant for its namesake, Emmor Kimber, an enterprising educator who arrived here in 1817 and promptly established himself as the community's leading citizen and a prominent county figure. Kimberton's architecture reflects the village's two phases of growth. At the district's western end, around an early crossroads (Kimberton and Hare's Hill Roads), stand eighteenth and early nineteenth century stone buildings that are representative of the eighteenth century vernacular architecture of this part of Chester County. The opposite end of the district reflects the development of building lots around the post-Civil War railroad station. The regular plan and siting of houses in this section of the district are distinctive in comparison to other historic villages in northern Chester County.

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2105 Kimberton Road Kimberton, PA

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